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Savon Blu

                                           By Blutresse


This is the place where you come and you purchase items to heal you physically, psychologically and emotionally. The shower oil has been such a great benefit to myself and so many of my customers. Have you ever wondered why its so hard for you to fall asleep sometimes? Well there is a battle going on between our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Our Parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for helping us go to sleep and relax. Without good amounts of sleep we get ,irritable, tired and  more prone to sickness. Our Pineal gland  takes a BIG hit causing melatonin not to be released correctly. At this point the hormones that help our cells  use sugar, fat, and control inflammation is not being release properly , and the slow steady decline of our systems begin. Get some sleep  eat well and use the Nerve calm shower oil. ITS THAT SIMPLE for GOOD HEALTH and WELLNESS!  This product has been proven to be effective.